• Hail on the street, by phone or with the zTrip app: You don’t have to wait on the curb for a car to arrive.

  • Book for now or later: You don’t have to wait to make transportation arrangements until the last minute.

  • Choose if you want to pay cash or credit card through the app: No other service provides this flexibility.

  • Transparent Pricing: zTrip has the same low price even when demand is high. The rate is the rate....every time!

Give zTrip a try and enjoy a $10 credit toward your first ride.
Download the app and enter credit code


Once you have entered the code "CERNERLOVE" you will automatically receive $15 in zTrip ride credits added to your account on the 1st day of every month.  The credits will expire at the end of each month.  Any questions please email nparra@ztrip.com.